There comes a day in a mom's life when she realizes that her daughter is driving and no longer under her watchful eye. I had a moment recently when I realized that my daughter, Julia, who was now driving herself all over town, would have to walk from her car into a store. ALONE! She would have to stop at a gas station to refuel. ALONE! She would leave work, at night, and have to walk to her car. ALONE! She might have car trouble one day and find herself on the side of the road. ALONE!

The anxiety started. I wasn't sure how I was going to keep her home for the rest of her life and let her grow into a responsible, productive young woman. There didn't seem to be a reasonable solution, until we attended a Prepper's expo here in Atlanta. There it was in all it's glory... "The Stun-Gun".

I don't know about y'all but my girls know how to shoot a gun, I know how to shoot a gun, and my hubby knows how to shoot a gun. So, anyone who breaks into our house is in for a big surprise! But, my girls can't carry a gun shopping, out to the movies with friends, or on a (gulp) date.

The stun gun seemed to be a great solution to help solve those issues. Of course, they need to be 18 to legally carry a stun-gun so keep that in mind when you are thinking about your soon-to-leave-the-nest-college-gal and the protection she will carry.

But it gets better! After talking to our family and friends about our concerns, we quickly realized that many of them had the same struggles and fears. Even though some of us had carrier permits and guns (I love my 357), it isn't always convenient or even possible to keep them on our person all of the time. It is kind of hard to go for a jog and find a place for your holster in your track shorts. At that moment our passion met our new purpose. My daughters and I knew it would be our mission to provide great self-defense products and knowledge for other mamas and daughters. The Lord was showing us how we could be a help to others, and do it as a family. Since I am the only one in our family who CANNOT sing, starting a gospel singing group together seemed unlikely. :)

We started FREEDOM Self-Defense, literally while sitting on our couch and talking as a family about how we wanted to help others and what kind of service we want to provide to our friends and family. Our mission is to have a non-intimidating environment for other ladies to find protection that they were comfortable carrying.

Our girls want their friends to feel safe on college campuses and going to and from work in not-so-safe parking lots. They wanted their friends to feel safe on dates as they start spending time with guys they may not know so well. I wanted other women to have some sort of protection on them in any situation - running errands, walking with friends around the neighborhood, leaving work late, walking through parking garages, etc.

Let's face it women, we are vulnerable. The odds are truly against us sometimes. We have found a way to help even the odds. We can be strong and courageous by being prepared and protected. We will soon be offering self-defense classes at our Henry County location. We also have added hotline information for anyone who has been victimized.

We want to provide you with whatever you need to feel - and be - safe.

Welcome to the FREEDOM Self-Defense family.

Contact Info:
National Home Fire Safety Services, Inc.
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37 Pine Grove Road
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