"WHAT IS IT?" you ask... Only one of the most fun evenings you can spend with your gal pals. An evening at home, drinking coffee (or your beverage of choice) and getting to see some Simply Stunning Self-Defense products just for us women. I cannot think of a more relaxed environment to see, ask questions, and learn about how to protect ourselves and our daughters.

We do have products for men, but let's face it, they know more about all the things related to protection and hunting for them. But what about those of us that don't want to carry an actual gun on us when we run into the grocery store, or take a jog (my case stroll) around the neighborhood.

Our products protect you when you are the most vulnerable. We want to help you find affordable, simple to use, non-lethal protection that you, your college aged girls, and your mom's will be comfortable carrying. In this day and age we have to be vigilant and we are valuable! We have to be able to protect ourselves and our families. Attacks happen when you are least expecting and least prepared.. that means when you are doing your everyday activities!

So let us help you Plan, Prepare, and Protect!